If ever there was a practical book for hunters, this is it. A book for the bench, not the bathroom, authors Middleton and Moran prelude with concise directions on how their system works, then you can begin shooting, using the perforated pages as templates or actual targets for sighting-in your rifle for its most efficient zero. With each page representing a different bullet weight for nearly every caliber – from .223 Remington to the .577 Tyrannosaur. The Target Book will help you understand your bullet’s path and maximum point-blank range using only a 25-yard sight-in. Illustrated insets on each page will give a maximum effective range for that round for deer and elk, and where to hold for that range in real-world hunting scenarios. Middleton and Moran have turned complex calculations into ballistics for dummies, and it literally reads like a target. They call it The Target Book for North American Big Game, and I believe avid hunters will literally wear it out.

– Jeff H. Johnston, Assistant Editor, American Hunter, November 2003, National Rifle Association

After two years of dedicated hunting after work and weekends, I finally got my first shot at a bear, and missed. It was a long 400-yard shot, but I was disappointed. The following year I told my cousin about my frustration. He said, “I have just the book you need” and sent me a copy of The Target Book. I noted the particular ballistics for my bullets and a few months later put this information to good use. I spotted a bear in the same clearcut as the one before and from the same distance away. I’m almost positive this was the identical bear I’d missed a year earlier. But with the knowledge of my ballistics the results were different. I shot twice and hit him twice. Thanks to your informational book, I was able to bag my first bear which hangs on my wall at 6 feet, head to tail. Thank you.

– Neil Lewis, Port Orford, Oregon

After sighting-in my rifle using The Target Book, I made a sure shot on this 25-inch wide 4×4 mule deer buck southeast of Bend. The measurement chart in the Oregon Tag Guide accurately predicted the hanging weight of my deer within 3 pounds. My son also took a great buck. Our hunting camp went six-for-six. Thanks, Percentage Tags!

– Mike Yoder, Salem, Oregon

Needs to be on all shooters shelf! Gives a lot of good information about what you shoot!

Mike, Montana

This is a great book to own. Lets you know what to expect when shooting many different calibers and weights of bullets. 

Nick, Traverse City, MI

Great book. It shows you how much drop in each type of bullet that you are using. Great gift for your guy.

– Ruby Aldrich