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Do you need to advertise your business/product to a large audience, increasing visibility and getting the most for your money? Purchase advertisement space today, giving you the opportunity to reach thousands of outdoorsmen/women! The Target Book’s audience consists of hunters and rifle enthusiasts across the entire nation and around the world (the last three editions of the Target Book sold out, and the 4th edition is available now).

Percentage Tags sells books to many major retailers, such as Cabela’s, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Royal Publications, Angler’s Book Supply, Bi-Mart, All Sports, and the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.

Not only does your advertisement reach all of the customers who buy The Target Book through our website, it also reaches the customers of these major retailers where The Target Book is prominently displayed. Capture that audience with an eye-catching advertisement! Space is limited, so contact us today if you’re interested!