The Target Book

Use this book to:

  • Select a rifle that will meet your needs.
  • Choose the best bullet weight to shoot.
  • Sight-in your rifle.


The Target Book is a perfect tool for anyone who uses a rifle to hunt big game in North America, and around the world for that matter. The Target Book shows the ballistics for hunting rifles. Gun buyers use it to select the best sized rifle or cartridge to meet their needs. Ammunition buyers use it to select the best sized bullets to use, and hunters use it to sight-in their rifles for effective big game hunting. The Target Book is a unique presentation of ballistics. Many products on ballistics are all highly technical, complex, and tedious. The Target Book breaks down the useful information in an easy-to-understand format. When a national magazine reviewed our book, recommended it to its readers, and called it “ballistics for dummies”, we didn’t take it as an insult. It was affirmation that the content is accurate, simplified, and easy to understand. The first three editions of The Target Book sold out! The 4th edition is available now!

The Target Book graphically shows the ballistics for all common factory ammunition that delivers a bullet at 100 yards, traveling at least 2000 feet per second, and carrying at least 1000 foot-pounds of energy. From the .223 Remington to the .378 Weatherby Magnum, the 4th edition book contains 282 targets for 90 cartridges and different bullet weights. Each target shows the points of impact for a 6-inch diameter vital zone. Maximize the range you can shoot with a rifle scope without making any allowance for distance. Pages are perforated so the targets can easily be removed and photocopied.

Virtual images are shown for long-range shooting. The Maximum Effective Range for shooting at certain big game animals is revealed for specific cartridges and bullet weights. Average bullet velocities for factory ammunition. Calculated values for bullet energy, knockdown power, and gun recoil.