Percentage Tags
Welcome to the home of Percentage Tags. Founded in 1997 by Charlie Middleton and Pat Moran, Percentage Tags publishes two exceptional books: The Target Book for North American Big Game and the Oregon Tag Guide and Big Game Hunting Almanac. Each book has a distinctly different purpose. The Target Book shows the ballistics for hunting rifles. Gun buyers use it to select the best sized rifle or cartridge to meet their needs. Ammunition buyers use it to select the best sized bullets to use, and hunters use it to sight-in their rifles for effective big game hunting. The Oregon Tag Guide contains statistics on all of the 600+ limited-entry hunts for big game in Oregon. The key and unique feature of the Guide is that, along with all of the details for each hunt, it reveals the drawing odds for any hunter applying for the big game tag.

When you are gearing up for hunting season with your rifle, bullets, and outdoor gear, donít forget two of the most valuable tools out there Ė The Target Book and the Oregon Tag Guide. They are must-haves for any hunter.

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